How to Identify a Specific Person in the Global Address List (GAL), MSU's Outlook Address Book

In order to identify or find a specific person in the Global Address List (address book, Teams search, etc), search for their name and examine the details regarding their Title and Department.

  • Faculty and Staff will have their Title and Department listed.
  • All undergraduate students will have a title of “Student” listed.
  • All Graduate Students will have a title of “Graduate Student” listed.
  • Student employees (student workers and graduate assistants) will have their department listed.
  • Retirees will have their previous title beginning with “(Retired)” listed.
  • Previous employees in their 120-day grace period will have no title or department listed.

Often, multiple people may have the same preferred name which makes identification difficult.  In this case, use the person’s NetID, shown in the Alias field since it is the only unique attribute.



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