Outlook Desktop Client Auto-Discover Pop-Ups

Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 Windows Pop-up Messages

In preparation for deploying DUO multi-factor authentication for the Outlook client, changes will be made that will cause pop-up messages regarding Microsoft AutoDiscover on Macs, home computers, and non-ITS domain joined (AD) computers. If you see a pop-up when opening Outlook, please only accept pop-ups that redirect to msstate.edu.

All users could receive a server redirection warning as shown in the attached images once SRV records are being used for AutoDiscover. These popups may be addressed by users simply clicking “Allow” and checking the box titled “Do Not Ask Again”.

These pop-ups cannot be easily suppressed in Outlook for Mac, so users will simply need to click “Allow”.

For answers to questions or for more information, contact the ITS Service Desk at 325-0631 or at https://servicedesk.msstate.edu.



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