Email & Calendar

Assistance with MSU email and calendars for employees and students, mailing lists, mass announcements, instant messaging

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Microsoft 365 Email & Calendar

Requests and issues related to Microsoft 365 email such as Outlook & Calendar Issues, Resources, & Primary Address Setup.

Official University Email Address

Each MSU user has an official university email address,, where netid is the user’s network identifier assigned to him/her by the University. For example, John Michael Rackley’s netid is jmr21, so his official university email address is It is important to note that university-generated MSU Announcements and most official university email is sent to this official university email address.

Mailing List

Requests related to email distribution lists for Banner, Sympa, and Courses.

Mass Announcement

Request an email to be sent to students, faculty, staff, and special populations.

Instant Messenger Services

Assistance with Microsoft Teams