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Articles related to MSU-inventoried computers, printers, & other equipment

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Pinned Article BullyPrint Troubleshooting for Windows & macOS

BullyPrint installation issues

Pinned Article Faculty/Staff Computer Specifications

Faculty/Staff Computer Specifications at MSU

Pinned Article Student Computer Specifications

Student Computer Specifications at MSU

On-campus printing for Students (BullyPrint)

Information on using BullyPrint to print to for-fee printers

Student Guidelines for Wireless Printers

Guidelines for students with wireless printers.

Which version(s) of macOS does my Mac support?

Listing of the various macOS versions and which computers are compatible with each

Desktop Support Guidelines

Desktop Support Guideline for MSU

How to connect to your work computer remotely (RDP)

Instructions on how to connect remotely to your MSU work computer remotely.