On-campus printing for Students (BullyPrint)

BullyPrint Information

MSU offers BullyPrint as a printing service to currently enrolled students (enrolled in the current or upcoming term), allowing them to print to different departmental printers for a fee. The charges are posted to the student's Banner account.

Access the BullyPrint website to see available printers by visiting bullyprint.its.msstate.edu.

  • Printing rates for Open Labs can be found hereRates for the departmental printers can be found by contacting the individual departments.
  • Please note that BullyPrint does NOT work on the msuguest connection. You need to be connected to eduroam or via Ethernet.
  • If you do not see a particular printer in the list, that means that printer is not available.
  • BullyPrint printers are only available for printing from Windows and macOS computers.


Installing a BullyPrint Printer

1. Go to bullyprint.its.msstate.edu.

2. Select the building the printer you would like to add is located in from the Location drop down, then click Apply.

3. Find the printer you need in the list, then click the Download link for your computer's operating system (Windows or macOS/Mac).

4. macOS only - If there are any printer brand-specific files included in the package you downloaded, run those first. Follow the steps in the setup wizard, accepting any permissions prompts that may appear. (Ex. Canon software, HP driver, and Ricoh Software .pkg or installer files).

5. Run the main installation file (Popup.pkg on macOS) and follow the steps in the setup wizard. Accept any permissions prompts that may appear.

6. Once the installation process is complete, you should be able to select the installed printer from the print dialog to print to.

7. When printing to a BullyPrint printer, the Pharos login window will pop up and require you to sign in before submitting the print job. Enter your NetID and NetPassword to continue.

If you are unable to install a BullyPrint printer or have a question about printing charges, use the services below to submit a ticket to the ITS Service Desk:



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