On-campus printing for Students (BullyPrint)

MSU offers BullyPrint as a printing service to students, allowing them to print to different departmental printers for a fee. The charges are posted to the student's Banner account.

BullyPrint Information:

To access the BullyPrint main page, go to bullyprint.its.msstate.edu in your web browser.

  • Printing rates for Open Labs can be found hereRates for the departmental printers can be found by contacting the individual departments.
  • For help with installing BullyPrint printers on your PC click here or Mac click here.
  • Please note that BullyPrint does not work on the msu1x connection. You need to be connected to eduroam or via Ethernet.
  • If you do not see a particular printer in the list that means that printer is not available.


If you are unable to install a BullyPrint printer or have a question about printing charges, click on the services below:




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