Canvas: Sharing Content - Blueprint vs. Crosslisting

Canvas provides instructors two options for merging courses and sharing content: Blueprint Courses and Crosslisting. This article will highlight the benefits of each to help instructor determine which option is best for their courses. For more information visit the Canvas Community.

Blueprint or Crosslisting

Blueprint is a parent course that shares content with associated courses. Course sections remain separate but the content is shared from the parent course. Instructors must request a Blueprint course and the course associations through the MSU eforms system.

Directions on how to Blueprint Canvas Courses


  • Easy to share content
  • Courses remain separate so instructors can have different due dates, assignment requirements, etc.


  • No group collaboration (discussion board, groups, etc) among sections
  • Blueprints must be created by admins

Crosslisted course is when multiple sections of a course are merged into one course. This creates one course where all students are enrolled into this course. Instructors can crosslist their courses from settings.

Directions on how to Crosslist MSU Canvas Courses


  • Content is added in one course section and all students enrolled in all sections have access
  • Less updating needed
  • Access the full course roster in Grade book, which can also be sorted by section
  • You can create section-specific content such as: assignments, events, announcements, grade discussions, and quizzes.


  • No reversing
  • All the cross-listed sections or courses will now have the parent course's name
  • You cannot mute section-specific assignment grades. You either have to mute all sections or none.




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