IT Security Tools

MSU provides a variety of security tools to support MSU telework. Employees should be cognizant of and apply information security best practices on the IT systems used in their telework environment. Links to more information for many of the tools can be found below.


  • Information Security Policy/Program
  • Cisco Umbrella – This roaming client provide effective threat protection both on and off campus on MSU machines.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Some services, such as Administrative Banner, require access via the MSU VPN.
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business – This Service allows users to store, edit, and share files securely in the cloud.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) – Many employees need to securely connect via our VPN to their office machine.
  • Disk encryption – MSU has a policy that all University laptops that contain sensitive data must be encrypted. 
  • Secure Videoconferencing – MSU has a secure videoconferencing via WebEx.  
  • Collaborate via Teams
  • InfoSEC IQ - Information Security Training is a requirement for employees who use a computer with their job.  
  • Some specific issues for home users:
    • Keep personal machines patched with automatic updating enabled.
    • Keep anti-virus up to date.
    • Make sure your personal accounts are protected via multi-factor authentication, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. all support multi-factor authentication.
    • Make sure your home network is secure and not configured with a default password.
    • Make sure family and friends understand that they are not to use your work equipment.


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