Non-Traditional ITS Classroom Technology Information

For the Fall 2020 semester, ITS has equipped several non-traditional lecture spaces on campus with classroom technology equipment (nicknamed PODs).

While much of the equipment is similar to that used in traditional ITS classrooms, there are some limitations and information instructors will need know.

Equipment included

Each of the ITS-supported, non-traditional classroom will have the following equipment available:

  • POD
  • Computer (with mouse, keyboard, and monitor)
  • Crestron control panel
  • Wireless microphone receiver
  • HDMI input port
  • Projector - This may be a standalone or existing, mounted projector. Some rooms may use existing TV screens to display video instead.
  • Wireless microphone - Do NOT remove these from the rooms
    • Note: For best audio the microphone should be attached to clohting and placed over the sternum.
    • Shure microphones will provide the best audio quality in these classroom spaces 
  • Webcam - No preset views are include

Equipment not included

The following equipment is NOT available in the non-traditional classroom spaces.

  • Bluray/DVD player
  • Document Camera
  • Lectern wired microphone

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