Continuing Courses at MSU - Student Instructional Technology Resources

If your course has been moved temporarily online below are some helpful guides:

How to upload an assignment to be graded

  1. Video - Assignment Overview
  2. Video - Assignment Submissions

Using Canvas Studio
How to create a video recording to upload to a graded assignment

  1. How to submit a Canvas Studio Assignment
Using Webex
Webex is used to provide video conferencing for classes or meetings.
  1. Getting started with Webex
Google/Office 365
MSU students have both university Google and Office 365 accounts. Files stored on these accounts can be submitted as Canvas assignmnents.
  1. Google
    1. Connecting MSU Google Account to Canvas
    2. How to view my Google files
    3. How do I submit a Google file as an assignment
  2. Office 365 
    1. Connecting MSU Office 365 Account to Canvas
    2. How to view my Office 365 files
    3. How do I submit an Office 365 files as an assignment
Notification Settings
Canvas users can stay modify notification settings to allow for email notifications to be sent to any email address they desire.
  1. Canvas Notification Settings
  2. Notification settings how to Guides
  3. Video - User Notification Preferences

Canvas Inbox
Many instructors will use the Canvas Inbox as the offical email for the course, students should familiarize themselves with how to use the tool.

  1. Canvas How To Guides

Many Canvas courses will require students to take online quizzes, learn how to properly take test and exams online.

  1. Video - Quizzing Overview
  2. Canvas How to Guides
Canvas Student Mobile App
Canvas Student is a great resource that should be downloaded on all mobile devices and used to access Canvas.
  1. Video - Canvas Student Overview
  2. Canvas How to Guides

Cisco Webex Meetings Mobile App
The mobile app makes it easy to stay connected on all your mobile devices.

  1. Installing Cisco Webex Mobile App
  2. Support for the Cisco Webex Mobile App


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