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Contact information for departmental purchasing of software packages.

Services related to Departmental Purchased Systems not listed Individually

ITS reviews all hardware, software, and technical systems over $5,000 prior to their purchase to ensure they comply with the technical and cybersecurity standards of Mississippi State University.

Audience Response System devices.

Available for MSU-inventoried systems only. Includes Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver, Audition, PageMaker, etc.

Request a quote for a new, MSU-inventoried computer, printer, or other piece of equipment

Information about additional web browsers and other useful software.

SAS is a statistical package with analytical solutions ranging from simple statistics to advanced data mining solutions.

IBM SPSS is a set of statistical analysis tools.

IBM Amos is a set of statistical analysis tools.