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Request a change to a Mailing list (Banner, Class, and

To request a change of owner or webmaster for a Student Organization Website.

Request a change to the owner or webmaster for a university/departmental website.

Request to add, remove or change access to DAFVM applications

Request to reset or change the passcode used to access voicemail

Request user management or a configuration change for a departmental VPN

Faculty and Staff can request to change the outgoing (From:) email address to their departmental or friendly email address.

Request to change the billing number currently used for a long distance number, calling card, or conferencing account. Note that an LDS number or Calling Card is only needed for use with the legacy telephone system

To get a quote and request phone maintenance.

Request for removal/deletion of an eForm, approval queue changes, status changes, or moving approval to a different individual

Request to create, change or terminate your Departmental Main Billing Number or change your Banner Account Number

Request EIS make data changes in Banner or run a report for your department.

Request to modify an existing report or make changes to data in the AiM Database

Assistance with how the mailing lists work, how to make changes, and list questions.

To request an activation, deactivation, install, change, move, repair to a data port.