Duo: Logging into MSU sites and services using the Duo Mobile app

Many MSU sites and services require Duo Multi-Factor Authentication for additional security. Once you've successfully installed and activated the Duo Mobile app for your account, follow the instructions below to use the app to log into various University sites and services.

For the best user experience, Duo Mobile version 4.49 or greater is recommended.

Note: If you have not set up the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, please refer to the Setting up Duo and managing devices article for instructions on adding your device.

With Duo Mobile, there are two methods you can use to log in:

Duo Push - This method sends a Push notification to your smartphone/tablet which will allow you to verify the login attempt. This method requires that you have an Internet connection either through cellular data (3G, 4G, LTE, 5G) or through Wi-Fi.

Duo Mobile Passcode - The Duo Mobile app generates a temporary passcode which you will enter into the provided "passcode" field to login. If you are using a hardware token, you will enter it in the "passcode" field also. Both methods do NOT require that you have access to the Internet. It will work without access to cellular data service or Wi-Fi. This is a one-time use passcode and will expire after a short period of time.


Steps for using the Duo Push option:

1. Navigate to the MSU site or service you would like to log into (myState, Canvas, Outlook email, etc), enter your NetID and NetPassword, then click LOGIN.


2. At the Duo Multi-Factor authentication screen, select the Duo Push option.


3. You will receive a notification on your smartphone/tablet that you have to Verify your identity. Tap this notification or open the Duo Mobile app.


4. In the Duo Mobile app, enter the verification code from the Duo login screen.


5. Once the code has been verified, you will see a prompt for Is this your device?

Note: If you are the only person who will use this device, choose Yes, this is my device. If this is a shared device, choose No, other people use this device.


6. At this point, you will be authenticated to the site or service you are accessing.


Steps for using the Duo Mobile passcode option:

Note: If using a Hardware Token, you can enter that passcode in the Duo Mobile passcode option or you can choose the Hardware token option instead and enter it there.

1. Navigate to the MSU site or service you would like to log in to (myState, Canvas, Outlook email, etc), enter in your NetID and NetPassword, then click LOGIN.


2. At the Duo Multi-Factor authentication screen, click the Duo Mobile passcode button.


3. On your smartphone/tablet, open the Duo Mobile app.


4. Select the Mississippi State University account that requires the Duo generated passcode and enter the passcode in the "Passcode" field on the login screen. Click Verify and you will be logged in to the site or service you are accessing.

Note: It is possible to have multiple accounts associated with the Duo app.


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