Adobe Sign - Best Practices for Departments and Units

Permitted Data Uses for E-Signature

Mississippi State University’s Adobe Acrobat Sign e-signature service is not approved for PCI (collecting credit card numbers), for health data (HIPPA), SSN, or export-controlled data.

Adobe Sign forms can be used to collect and store personal data (names, addresses, MSUIDs), financial data, and FERPA data. 

  • Don't download data from Adobe Sign into systems that are not approved for that data.
  • Don't download sensitive data to unsecured personal computers.
  • Don't send sensitive data via email.

Best Practices

ITS has devoted time to planning continuity for departments and units for times when staff is on vacation, out sick, or for times when there is staff turnover. Adobe Sign stores documents in the account of the user who initiates the workflow. These documents cannot be moved to another’s user account. Therefore, it is essential to set up document sharing for when documents and workflows stored in the account are required for University business and the account owner is not available.

During a person’s planned absence, the recommended method is to use account sharing.

This sharing arrangement may be permanent or set up for only the time period where coverage is needed. Once this arrangement is set up, the person with whom shared access is granted will see a new Switch to shared account button on the bottom right corner of their Adobe Sign dashboard. By clicking on an account name, that person has access to see shared documents, both completed and in progress. With these permissions, the person will also be able to send new documents on behalf of the person who granted access to their account.

If a staff member has left permanently and has not shared their account with another in the department so that historical documents are accessible. In that case, this will yield an unmanageable outcome with a loss of documents and data. To prevent this type of situation, where an account has not been shared, have staff members CC a shared departmental/unit mailbox so that sent documents are accessible. If your department/unit does not have a shared mailbox, contact the ITS Service Desk.

KB Article:

In order to have all documents available to the ones who need access to them, save files to a shared folder on the J:Drive. By using this best practice, created documents used frequently are not housed on an individual's account, but rather available for everyone in the group, department, or unit.


The Groups feature allows the Group Administrator to add and remove group members. All members of the group can access all agreements sent out through the group. In the settings, the Group Admin can add an email address where all completed documents are sent. This should be a shared mailbox for the department or unit. The department or unit head should request a group and admin for the group through the ITS Service Desk by initiating a ticket. A shared mailbox may also be requested for a department or unit through the ITS Service Desk by initiating a ticket. 

For more information, contact the ITS Service Desk.


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