Duo: Generating a multi-factor bypass code online

What is the purpose of a multi-factor bypass code?

A bypass code can be used in situations where you don't have access to your multi-factor device (i.e. you get a new smartphone/tablet, you left your multi-factor device at home, you lose your multi-factor device, your multi-factor device isn't working, etc.). In these cases, you are able to follow the instructions below to generate a bypass code which can be used to authenticate with Duo instead of your normal, multi-factor device. If you need to add, remove, or reactivate a multi-factor device, you can also use this bypass code to authenticate with Duo to access the Device Management portal to manage the multi-factor devices associated with your account.


How do I generate a multi-factor bypass code?

1. Go to netpassword.msstate.edu.

2. Click Generate a Multi-Factor Authentication Bypass Code under Multi-Factor Maintenance.

3. Enter your NetID/NetPassword, then click Login.

4. Enter your Birth Date and MSU ID Number or Social Security Number, then click Submit.

5. Enter the answer to your security question, then click Submit.

6. Your bypass code will be displayed and is valid for 24 hours.


How do I log in using a multi-factor bypass code?

1. Access an MSU system or service, such as myState or M365, enter your NetID and NetPassword as usual, then the Duo prompt will appear.

2. Click Other options, then click the Bypass code option.

3. Enter the bypass code you generated earlier, then click Verify.

You should now be logged in.

If you have any issues generating or logging in with a bypass code, please submit a Request assistance with multi-factor authentication ticket or contact the ITS Service Desk.


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