How do I use the Service Catalog to submit a service request or report an issue?

The Service Catalog is where all the requestable services that ITS provides to faculty, staff, and students are located.  These can be things such as assistance with getting connected to wireless, reporting an issue in a classroom, downloading software, and more. 

Using the Service Catalog:

1. Navigate to the ITS Service Desk by going to in your web browser, then access the Knowledge Base by clicking on the Request a Service button.  

2. On this page, you will see a list of categories which you can browse to view our available Services. Each category is named according to the type of services it contains. A short description is also listed which gives a little bit of detail as to what is in each category.  Some categories have subcategories with more services.


3. Browse to a particular service you would like to request, then click on it to see it's contents and request it. 


4. After you've read through the service and decided you want to request it, click on the Request Service button.  Depending on the service, this button may display something different such as "Report Issue", "Submit Ticket", etc.

5. Fill out the requested fields, then click on Request to send your request to the Service Desk.

If you can't figure out where a service is located, try using the Search option. 



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