How to set up and use the attendance tracking system

There are two methods of tracking attendance:

  • Manual Absence Reporting, where absences are entered manually as a single number per student for the entire term.
  • Attendance Tracking System, which allows for the tracking of more details on a daily basis. 
    • The Features of the attendance tracking system include:
      • Tracks attendance for each class meeting date
      • Records attendance detail including present, unexcused absence, excused absence, or late
      • Available to instructors of record and departmental users
      • Works with or without attendance scanning hardware
      • Scanners are available in numerous classrooms - The use of scanners makes the processes automatic.

Attendance Tracking Setup:

The following can be done by the instructor of record and departmental users:

  1. Log in to myState, then click Banner under the Apps & Services section.
  2. Click the Faculty and Departmental Users tab.
  3. Click Attendance Tracking & Absence Reporting under the Grades and Absences section.
  4. Instructors will select the term and click View Sections. Departmental users will need to select the department and term, then click View Sections.
  5. Click Select Method for Tracking Attendance/Absences for the course.
  6. Choose either Attendance Tracking System or Manual Absence Reporting and click Save.
  7. Once Attendance Tracking has been selected, you can choose Record Attendance from the drop down menu to access the attendance interface.
  8. Once setup, you can also add teaching assistants to assist with recording attendance, although they will not be able to submit the final attendance for the semester.
  9. Full details about the features and use of the Attendance Tracking System can be found in the Attendance Tracking Hands-on Handout 

Troubleshooting Notes:

  • In order for the attendance tracking system to be used, a course must have a date, time, location, and instructor. If one of these items is has not been set, only the manual tracking option will be available.
  • Attendance tracking cannot be setup within four hours of the class start time. If you receive this message, you will need to set up attendance tracking after the class session is done.
  • If the scanners fail to go to a single red light after being setup, please have the students continue to scan and report it to ITS by clicking here.
  • You can view the full log files by going to Attendance Tracking & Absence Reporting under the Grades and Absences column.
    • Select View Attendance Scanner Log File.
    • Enter the Building-Room, date, and reader times in military time (HH24MI). Reader start time should be a few minutes before the time your scanner goes live. Reader end time should be a few minutes after the reader would turn off. Please do not enter a NetID, CRN, or Term Code.
    • These settings allow you to view if someone scanned early or late or if they used an incorrect card for scanning.
  • The new attendance tracking system can be used without the use of card scanners to take a daily attendance.  This allows you to track present, unexcused absence, excused absence, or late attendance from the attendance console or to manually enter the information from a paper roster at a later date.

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