Adding the Webex Plugin to Microsoft Outlook

Please follow the steps below to enable the Webex plugin in Microsoft Outlook.

NOTE: Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop must be installed before the plugin can be enabled. See our article for Installing Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App.


Installing the Webex Outlook Plugin (Windows 10)

1. From the Windows Start menu, open the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop folder, then click Cisco Webex Meetings.

Screenshot showing the Cisco Webex Meetings desktop app in the Windows start menu


2. In the Cisco Webex Meetings app, click the Settings (Gear) icon.

Screenshot showing the settings icon in the Cisco Webex Meetings app


3. From the drop-down menu, click Preferences.

Screenshot showing the Preferences link in the Cisco Webex Meetings app


4. Click the Integrations tab. Click the box next to Microsoft Outlook, then click Save.

Screenshot showing the Integrations tab in the Cisco Webex Meetings app


5. Open Microsoft Outlook. In the Home tab of Outlook, the Webex section is now available which provides Webex Meeting options.

Screenshot showing the Webex plugin in Microsoft Outlook



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