Microsoft Office 365 for the iOS Mail Client

ITS recommends the Microsoft Outlook app for iOS devices.

The iOS Mail App requires iOS 11 or higher to connect to Office 365.


1. Open Settings and click Accounts & Passwords. (Depending on your iOS you will see either Accounts & Passwords or Passwords & Accounts)
System Preferences Icon

2. Tap on Add Account.

3. Tap Exchange.

4.  Enter your email address. The description is a friendly identifier of the email account. Tap Next.

5. Tap Sign In.
Note: If the information is correct but the account will not verify, try entering all zeroes for the password, sign in, and after it fails use the correct password. This is due to the way iPhones store passwords.
6. Enter your NetPassword, and tap Sign In.
7.  Authenticate to DUO.
8. On the Permissions Requested screen, tap Accept.
9.  Tap Next.
10. Verify the settings that you prefer are enabled.  Tap Save when completed.