Outlook Best Practices: Sharing Folders

Best practice for sharing folders in Outlook 2016 is to create a top level "Shared" folder and place mail items or folders in that folder to share. After sharing a folder, you will need to close and reopen Outlook 2016. It can take several minutes before a folder appears in Outlook.

1.    To create a top level folder, right click the parent folder (netid@msstate.edu), and click New Folder. Name the folder Shared.

2.    After you have created the Shared folder, you can add other folders within Shared which will enable you to share out with other users.

3.    Right click the Shared folder icon and select New Folder. In this example, we created a folder named Important E-mail.

4.    Right click the Important E-mail folder and select Properties from the drop down menu.

5.  When you see the Properties window, click the Permissions tab and click Add... to add someone to your shared folder.

6. In the Add Users window, search for the person(s) you would like to share the folder. Once located, double-click the name. Do this for all the people with which you plan to share the folder. After the user(s) are selected, click Add and OK.

7. You should now see the name(s) you added in the Permissions tab. You should check the Folder visible checkbox to allow the person you added to see the folder.

8. While still in the Permissions tab, select the Permission Level via the dropdown menu or select with the radio buttons and checkboxes under the Permissions Level section. Click Apply, then OK.

The recommended levels of access for each user are “Reviewer” for read only or “Publishing Editor” for read/write access.


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