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Report an issue with Classroom Technology Equipment in an ITS-supported classroom.

IT Support for CVM

Request to have a Bomgar account created for secure remote connection to support users or access endpoints.

MSU has a certified Apple Hardware Support Center. Evaluation/repair for a hardware issue with an Apple computer (Macbook, iMac, etc.) can be requested by Staff, Faculty, and Students.

MSU has a certified Apple Hardware Support Center. Request for a hardware upgrade for an Apple system can be made by students, faculty, and staff. Existing Mac system hardware includes, but is not limited to, RAM(memory), hard drive or solid state drive, monitor, graphics card, and network card.

Turning Technologies software for Faculty and Staff.

Report an issue with printing to an MSU-inventoried printer

Report an issue with printing in a computer lab

Services related to Departmental Purchased Systems not listed Individually

Request to have a custom workshop created

Training/workshop topics include Banner, eForms, Webex, Web Accessibility, Canvas, Classroom Technology, etc.

Use this service to report any issues you experience on a lab computer that do not fall under the other, specific services in this category.

Request website maintenance available to ITS web clients.

Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client for MSU inventoried systems.