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Request to have an AiM User modified

Request or modify a hostname or DNS entry

Request to have an eForm created or modified

Request to modify an existing report or make changes to data in the AiM Database

Request to have an automated attendant created or modified for a phone number

Request or modify a static IP address for a computer, printer, or other device

Requests to modify card/door access should be made to your Building Manager. Use this service if you need additional assistance.

Request that another user be granted access to modify the departmental online directory. This request must come from a current, authorized individual on behalf of the user that needs the access.

Shared email resources allow a group or department to have a separate email account to view and reply to emails without using their own email address. This also includes a shared Calendar.

Request an update to or a new ITS Service Desk knowledge base article.

To request access to, removal of, or modification to access for Concur travel.

Request or modify a Banner Workflow

Request a change to a Mailing list (Banner, Class, and

Request account to manage content on a digital signage display.