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Request website maintenance available to ITS web clients.

Request system maintenance be performed on Key Solutions application

Available for MSU-inventoried computers/devices only. Request for general or specific computer maintenance to be performed including Operating System upgrade and hardware evaluation/upgrade.

Request to create or delete a virtual server account or request an increase in disk space for a virtual server

Request for removal/deletion of an eForm, approval queue changes, status changes, or moving approval to a different individual

Report an issue with a CQCS application or request ITS to run a process against the CQCS database

Furniture and appliance problems.

To request an activation, deactivation, install, change, move, repair to a data port.

To request Install/Change/Repair of a fiber optic line.

Request to modify an existing report or make changes to data in the AiM Database

Request to create, change or terminate your Departmental Main Billing Number or change your Banner Account Number

Request EIS make data changes in Banner or run a report for your department.

To get a quote and request phone maintenance.

Creating and Maintaining Banner Lists

Access request for Vendors