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Request a change to a Mailing list (Banner, Class, and

Assistance with how the mailing lists work, how to make changes, and list questions.

Request a new mailing list.

Creating and Maintaining Banner Lists

Services related to Departmental Purchased Systems not listed Individually

Request training on how to use or troubleshoot the Classroom Technology equipment in ITS-maintained classrooms

Request to have a custom workshop created

Training/workshop topics include Banner, eForms, Webex, Web Accessibility, Canvas, Classroom Technology, etc.

This is the Instructor side for creating exams and importing into Canvas.

Report an issue with Classroom Technology Equipment in an ITS-supported classroom.

Information about BullyPrint services

Request assistance with installing BullyPrint for printing to for-fee printers on campus

For information on computer labs, lab printing, and to report an issue with a computer lab/printer.

Use this service to report any issues you experience on a lab computer that do not fall under the other, specific services in this category.

For after you have registered for classes. Please read the next page carefully.