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Request to have the storage drive of an MSU-inventoried computer cleared of all data.

Request upload of Banner data.

To request an activation, deactivation, install, change, move, repair to a data port.

Report an issue with a CQCS application or request ITS to run a process against the CQCS database

Request EIS make data changes in Banner or run a report for your department.

Request to modify an existing report or make changes to data in the AiM Database

Request access to the content management system for an existing web site or to data being collected from a form or application

SAS is a statistical package with analytical solutions ranging from simple statistics to advanced data mining solutions.

Filelocker allows you to share files with other people both inside and outside of Mississippi State University. It is a temporary and secure storage system for sharing files and data.

This service is for only for questions, modifications, and issues regarding Admin By Request (ABR). Access to ABR is handled in a separate service (see details on full service page).

Request to have your device removed from quarantine for a non-copyright related issue such as malware and unusual network activity.

ITS reviews all hardware, software, and technical systems over $5,000 prior to their purchase to ensure they comply with the technical and cybersecurity standards of Mississippi State University.

*This request has been moved to an eForm.*

Request MSU access for those that are affiliated by the University, but are not students nor paid by the University.