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Services or Offerings?
Report an issue with connecting to, accessing, or using the J: Drive (COMMON directory)

Autodesk is provided to student, faculty & staff via educational model for free via a web link on the ITS website. It can also be used on a departmental system for teaching and academic research for free. It is no longer provided for non-academic reasons at no charge.

Request help with setting up phones, tablets, gaming systems, TVs, and e-Readers on the MSU wireless network

Request assistance if you receive notice or feel that your account is compromised.

To request an activation, deactivation, install, change, move, repair to a data port.

ID Card Issues

Assistance with enrolling in two-factor authentication, adding new devices and reactivating current devices, locked two-factor accounts, and any other questions or issues with setting up and using two-factor authentication.