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Office 365

This is the integration that was made available first, where you would need to upload files from OneDrive outside of Canvas in order for them to be available for linking into the course. This integration is still available, but has been replaced by Microsoft OneDrive.



Microsoft OneDrive

This is the new integration with OneDrive that allows students and instructors to upload files to their Microsoft OneDrive accounts from within Canvas. It replaces the Microsoft 365 integration.

Microsoft OneDrive

From the icons in the top right corner you can 1. Create a new Folder, 2. Upload a file or folder from your computer to your Microsoft OneDrive, and 3. Change how the list is viewed.  Documents can be viewed from within the course, as well as being embedded into the course via the Rich Content Editor or the Modules tool by selecting Microsoft OneDrive instead of Microsoft 365.

Canvas Assignments and OneDrive

When creating assignments in Canvas, use the OneDrive submission type by selecting External Tool in the submission type dropdown in the Canvas assignments tool. Next, choose OneDrive and browse all Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files to allow learners to edit a copy and submit for review in Canvas SpeedGrader. Students can then go to the Canvas assignment as usual. OneDrive will embed their own copy of the file in the assignment page that the student can edit, open in a new tab, and submit. Assignment Integration Video

Microsoft OneDrive file submissions and SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader capabilities with Office 365 files include:

  • “Document view” for easy viewing of learner submissions
  • Applying grades to a submission
  • Providing comments with text, audio, or video
  • Inking directly on learner files
  • Inline and FreeText annotations on submitted files
  • Quick navigation between learner submissions
  • Highlight-enabled comments
  • Text strikethroughs
  • Downloading all files and submission comments for offline use

Timely and effective grading has never been easier with the integration of Office 365 apps and files into Canvas SpeedGrader. Enhance any learning experience with flexibility and ease to both educators and learners in any course and focus. SpeedGrader Video

Immersive Reader in Canvas

Immersive Reader has been a game changer for both educators and learners and is found in many beloved programs and platforms including OneNote, Forms, Microsoft Teams, Flipgrid, Word, Edge, Minecraft: Education Edition, and Office Lens. Now, it has been integrated into Canvas to empower all learners.

Immersive Reader implements proven techniques to improve reading and writing for individuals, regardless of age or ability. With Immersive Reader accessible on any page in a Canvas course, learners are able to leverage its built-in features to further reading comprehension in any course and focus.

Immersive Reader improves reading comprehension by: (Video)

  • Increasing fluency for English language learners or readers of other languages
  • Helping to build confidence for emerging readers learning to read at higher levels
  • Offering text decoding solutions for learners with learning differences, such as dyslexia
  • Providing translation of words or entire texts into over 100 languages (most of which are playable with the read aloud feature)

Canvas Collaborations allow students to work on the same documents. See How do I create a Microsoft 365 collaboration as an instructor for more details.

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