Submitting Technology Project Requests

This article provides an overview of requesting support from ITS for your technology needs.

Depending on the type of need, you will select one of two paths - Project Request or ITS Ticket. Use the table below as a guide for determining the correct path:

  Ticket Project
Software Scope Examples: Fixes or minor enhancements to existing SW. Operational maintenance. Examples: New or major enhancements to existing SW.
Infrastructure Scope Examples: Network drops. DNS changes. Telecom add/moves/changes. Examples: Construction. Renovations. Classrooms. Server refresh. Network refreshes.
MSU Stakeholders 1 MSU Department 1+ MSU Departments
Risk Low Low to Very High
VP Governance Not Needed Needed
Links: Create ITS Ticket Create ITS Project Request


Select the past best suited to your technology need:

Chart describing the following process: Step 1, the MSU Department identifies a technology need. Step 2, The MSU Department selects one of the following paths depending on if their need involves a ticket or a project. For the Project path, the MSU Department will request a Technology Project from ITS, then ITS along with the MSU Department will conduct Discovery due diligence to determine the validity of the project. For the ticket path, the MSU Department will create an ITS Support Ticket to resolve their need.


Additional information on the Technology Project Request process is available in the following PDF:

MSU Submitting Technology Projects Requests.pdf


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