Deploying a Respondus assessment to Canvas

Once an assessment (quiz or test) has been created in Respondus, you can deploy it to Canvas using the following steps:

  1. Click Open from the Start menu of Respondus.
  2. Select your file by clicking on it and click Open. This will open to the Edit screen to view the questions.
  3. Select the Preview + Publish tab.
  4. In the Preview section, select Preview the File. This will open into a new window and allow you to check the question and answer formatting, as well as confirming the correct answer.  If changes need to be made, click the Modify item button, make the changes, and then click Save Changes to return to the preview. When you are done previewing the file, click Done and return to the Preview + Publish tab.
  5. To publish the assessment to Canvas, select Publish on the menu and click on Publish Wizard.
  6. If using in one section, Type of Publish is Publish to a single course.
  7. Select your Canvas server link from the drop down if it is not already visible and click Next. If you have not setup your connection to Canvas yet, please go to our Connecting Respondus 4.0 to Canvas article.
  8. From the new Publish Wizard window, select Graded Quiz for the assessment type.
  9. Then Specify the server action and item name. The default is Create and the file name. 
  10. If you created questions groups or specified settings during the creation of your assessment, check those boxes now.
  11. Click Next when ready to proceed.
  12. Find your course on the right hand side and click on it.  This will show any quizzes already in the course. If you are adding a new one, just select the course folder. If you are replacing one, select that quiz now. Then click Next.
  13. The status window will update as the file is uploaded to your course.  When you see -Publish Completed Successfully- you can click Finish.
  14. Now go to your course within Canvas to verify the quiz has uploaded and that all questions look correct.
  15. Edit the quiz to reflect settings like time limit, availability, and so forth.  Then publish the assessment to make available to the students.


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