Microsoft Two Factor Authentication (non-Duo users): How to set up

When accessing Microsoft 365 email for non-Duo users, you may be prompted to add two-factor authentication to better protect your account. Information on how to set up Microsoft two-factor authentication with your account is below.


Watch this instructional video from Microsoft to see the step-by-step, two-factor setup process. (Start at 1:10 in the video)


1. Visit in a web browser.

2. On the Sign in screen, enter your email address, then click Next.


3. On the Enter Password screen, enter your NetPassword.


4. On the More information required screen, click Next.


5. On the Additional security verification screen, for Step 1: How should we contact you?, choose one of the following options:

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1. Microsoft AuthenticatorDownload and install the Microsoft Authenticator app from the App/Play Store on your device.

2. Open the app on your device. Allow notifications when prompted. Click Next.

3.  Microsoft respects your privacy - Click Accept (on your device).


4. Help us improve Microsoft Authenticator - Select your choice and click Continue

5. When prompted, allow camera access, then scan the QR code displayed on your screen with your device.  On your screen, click Next.

6. To confirm authentication, type in the number provided on your device.

7. The connection is a success if your account displays on your device as seen below.


6. On the Step 4: Keep using your existing applications screen, click Done.

Screenshot for step 10 showing the keep using your existing applications screen


You've now successfully set up Microsoft two-factor authentication with your MSU Microsoft 365 email account!

Using Microsoft 2FA when logging in to your Microsoft 365 email account

1. Visit, then log in using your and NetPassword.

2. You will be prompted to verify your identity using whichever two-factor authentication method you set up:

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3. You will then be signed-in to your Microsoft 365 email account successfully!

If you get a new mobile device?

If you get a new mobile device and use the Microsoft Authenticator app, or if your phone number changes, your MS 2FA account will need to be set up for the new device/number. If you still have access to the original phone number or if you still have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed and accessible on the original device, you can configure your new MS 2FA option at

If you do not have access to your original number, original device with the Microsoft Authenticator app installed, or you are otherwise unable to reconfigure your MS 2FA option yourself, please open a service request to have your MS 2FA account reset, and, once that has been processed, the next Microsoft application that you use will start the enrollment process again.

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