Allow/Block Senders in Outlook on the Web

1. Go to your Outlook on the Web - Block or Allow settings via this direct link, or follow the steps below.

If the direct link does not work:

a. Go to, log in with your email address and NetPassword, then authenticate with Duo.

b. Click the Settings (gear) icon in the top right.

Window displaying the Settings Gear


c. Click View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the window.


d. Click on Junk emailAt the top are the Blocked senders and domains. At the bottom are Safe senders and domains.


Adding Safe Senders

2.  Click +Add beneath Safe senders and domains. Enter the desired email address or domain in the Safe Senders and Recipients field. Click Enter

Safe Sender Email address


Safe Sender Domain

3. Click Save.


Adding Blocked Senders

1. After clicking +Add, enter the desired email address or domain in the Blocked Senders field. Click Enter

Blocked Email address


Blocked Domain


2. Click Save.


You have now successfully allowed/blocked a sender.  Please visit Microsoft's webpage, Block or allow (junk email settings), for additional information.



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