Adding a Shared Mailbox to Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Note: If you are running an older version than Microsoft Office 365, then contact your desktop support person to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office.


1. In Outlook 365, click Mail in the bottom-left corner of the window.

Window displaying the mail icon


2. Right-click (or Control Click) on your email account name in the folders pane on the left side of the window and select Account Settings.

Window for Account Settings for email address


3. Click the Advanced... button in the Accounts window.

Click Advanced in the accounts window


4. Click the Delegates tab.


Microsoft Exchange Window Delegates tab highlighted


5. Click the + button under the Open these additional mailboxes  section to specify a shared mailbox.


Click the + sign for Open these additional mailboxes


6. Type the name of the shared mailbox in the Choose a person window.


in the choose a person window type in account name


7.  Select the shared mailbox to be added. Click Add.


Select mailbox and click add


8. The account now appears in the list of additional mailboxes. Click OK.


in window click ok


The shared mailbox now appears in your list of email folders under its own heading allowing you to view, send, and manage emails for this shared account. If it does not appear right away, restart Outlook. This refreshes the connection to the server.

window displaying the shared mailbox


9.  You have successfully added the shared mailbox.


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