How do I view, comment on, or withdraw my Submitted Requests?

If you'd like to see the current progress of your request, look up a previous request, update a request with additional information, or withdraw a request, you can do so via the client portal.

Accessing your Submitted Requests:

1. Navigate to the ITS Client Portal by going to in your web browser, then access your submitted requests by clicking on the My Requests button.  

2. On this page, you will see a list of all the requests you have submitted to the Service Desk.  You can sort by the ID (Ticket number), request title, specific service, status, and the last modified date by clicking on the column headers.


3. Click on the Request title in order to view the request details. 

4. On this page, you'll see many details about your request including Incident ID (Ticket number), current status, date created/modified, title, description, and more.  

5. In the Feed Section, you will be able to see any updates/comments added by the techinician(s) working on your requests, and also add your own by clicking on the Comment button.

6. You can also withdraw any of your open requests by clicking on the Withdraw Request button on the incident details page.



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