Microsoft Student & Teacher Advantage - Installation Instructions

Through the Microsoft Student & Teacher Advantage you are entitled to install Microsoft Office on up to five personally-owned laptop and desktop computers. Because MSU has a site license for installation of Microsoft Office on all university-owned computers, do not use one of your five personal licenses for this purpose. 
When Microsoft Office has been installed under the Student or Teacher Advantage the computer must connect to the Internet at least every 30 days to allow the software license to be validated.  Also note that installations on smartphones and tablets do not count against your limit of five installations.
ATTENTION: Once you are no longer a student or employed at MSU, your Microsoft Office license will end at this time. You must be an Active student - enrolled in at least one class - in order to be able to use Microsoft Office.

Before installation: Make sure that you do not have any previous versions of Microsoft Office installed and this includes trial versions.

1. Go to the ITS Service Desk page and click on Services at the top of the page. Then click on Software. Now click on Microsoft Office. Now click on Microsoft Office for Personally-Owned Computers.

If you are a Student, look under Microsoft Student Advantage. There will be a link that states Click here to download...

If you are a Staff/Faculty, look under Microsoft Teacher Advantage. There will be a link that states Click here to download...

2. The link will take you to a Microsoft Log In page. Type in your and click Next.

3. The next page that you are sent to will be the Mississippi authentication page. Type in your NetPassword and click Sign in.

4. The next page that you are sent to will be the Microsoft Office 365 website for Mississippi State University. You will need to click on Install Office apps.

5. A drop-down box will appear. Click on Office 2016. Follow your browser's prompts for downloading, and then follow the installation wizard to install Microsoft Office.

NOTE: By default, the 32-bit version will be installed. If you need the 64-bit version click Other install options and choose the 64-bit version.




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