Request assistance with your NetPassword

Request assistance with your NetPassword.
Brief Ticket Description
A short description to explain the nature of a ticket.
Request assistance with your NetPassword
Please Approve the Duo Push we send to your device, after we receive your ticket.
Please provide answers to at least 2 of the following questions:
Please provide your declared major. If you are undeclared, put that instead.
Please provide the home phone number or another phone number that is listed for you in Banner.
Please provide the home address that is listed in Banner for you.
Provide an alternate email address at which ITS can contact you to request more information and to send confirmation and instructions to once your NetPassword has been reset or your issue has been resolved.
The full details of a ticket, including any appropriate circumstances or supplementary information that may aid in resolving it.
Please ONLY attach a copy of an MSU ID card. For security restrictions, we are NOT allowed to receive or retain copies of any other photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.)
Indicates from where a ticket originated, such as via email, phone, or web.

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