Yubikey Choices for Duo Authentication

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Web-Based Duo Authentication: 

Students should consider purchasing the Security Key NFC by Yubico. Both USB-A and USB-C versions are available. The Security Key NFC will only work for web browser applications such as myState, Canvas, Outlook on the web, etc. It does not allow for authentication to classroom lecturn PCs or Lab PCs. 




Computer and Other Duo Authentication: 

For Students, Faculty, and Staff, the YubiKey 5 NFC is available in many options, as displayed below. This YubiKey can be used for web-based applications, desktop login, and VPN authentication.  The ITS Service Desk must set up the YubiKey in Duo to enable it for desktop logins, including classrooms and computer lab logins, and VPN access.

Please note that not all classroom or lab PCs have USB-C ports. You may need to also purchase an adapter to convert from USB-C to USB-A.


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