Device won't connect to msuguest after entering the current password on macOS


Some users running macOS may experience an issue when trying to connect the msuguest network where the device won't connect even after entering in the current guest password. This is sometimes due to the caching of a previous password if the device has connected to the network before.


Follow the instructions below to manually run the "Captive Network Assistant" which should connect the device to the network successfully.


1. Connect to msuguest, then close the captive portal window when it opens.

2. Open Finder.

3. Click Go in the top menu bar, then select Go to Folder (or press COMMAND + SHIFT + G), then

4. Type /System/Library/CoreServices , then press enter.

5. Double click on Captive Network Assistant to run it.

6. The device should connect to the msuguest network successfully.

If you have are still having issues connecting to msuguest or need additional assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk.


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Tue 2/13/24 11:15 AM
Tue 2/13/24 11:16 AM