Managing Microsoft Distribution Groups

Exchange/Outlook distribution groups are intended to be used with member populations of only MSU users (users with an email address). Group owners can add/remove members and manage various settings for the groups (see below for more detail). For member populations that include outside, non-MSU users, a Sympa mailing list can be created/used instead. Mailing lists/distribution groups can be requested by full-time MSU employees using the Request a new mailing list service

Viewing and managing groups

1. Go to the Exchange admin center, then click Groups.

2. Select a group under the Groups I belong to tab to view group information. Please note that the Leave group option is not active; membership is managed by the group owners. Group owners and members can be found under the Members tab.

3. Select a group under the Groups I own tab to view and manage a group you own. More information about each tab/heading is below.

  • General - This tab contains information about the group.

  • Members - This tab allows group owners to view the current owners/members and add additional ones. Click the View all and manage owners or View all and manage members link to add/remove users. Please note that only MSU users may be added to a distribution group.

  • Settings. This tab allows owners to manage settings for the group. 

    • Membership approval: This setting allows owners to choose how members join the group (Open - no approval needed, Closed - Owners must add members, or Approval required - Users can request to join but need to be approved to become a member). Click Edit membership approvals to manage this setting.

    • Delivery management - This settings allows owners to choose who can send to the list. (Only people inside the organization, People inside and outside the organization, or only Specified senders). Click Edit delivery management to manage this setting.

    • Message approval: This setting allows owners to enable message moderation, manage moderators, exclude certain senders from moderation, and control sender notifications for disapproved messages. Click Edit message approval to manage this setting. 

    • Email options: This settings controls the display names/aliases for the list, i.e. addresses at which messages to the list can be received. This setting is not editable by owners. A request will need to be submitted to ITS for changes to this setting. Click View email options to view the current display names/aliases for the list. 

    • Mail tip: This setting allows owners to specify a "MailTip" to be displayed when people send email to the list (maximum of 175 characters). Click Edit mailtip to manage this setting. 


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