How to Sign Up for MSU Text Messages

On Monday, October 16, when you log into myState, you will be directed to an opt-in screen for our text messaging service.  

The text messaging service requires you to opt-in. You will not be automatically enrolled in the text messaging service.

There are four categories that you may select. The categories are:

  • Students enrolled in online classes/programs (academic reminders, student services information, etc.)
  • Academic success (critical academic deadlines, advising notifications, financial aid information, etc.)
  • Student life (activities, well-being resources, etc.)
  • General university announcements

To modify your selected categories or update your phone number:

  1. Log into your MyState account.
  2. Click the Banner link.
  3. Navigate to Personal Information.
  4. Select MSU Texting at the bottom of the Personal Information menu.


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