ERDAS Imagine 2022

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ArcGIS: Installing ERDAS Imagine 2022

  1. In the Windows Explorer window, open the ERDAS 2022 folder. Right click on the folder and choose Extract All.... For the path to extract the files change the drive letter to C:\ and change the folder to the Temp directory c:\temp\ Erdas 2016\imagine-v17.2-win-x86. Then you should click Extract.

    Note: If you have picked up a flash drive from the ITS Service Desk - Continue to step 2.  

  1. Run Setup.exe.  Beside ERDAS Imagine 2022 click the "+" sign. You will see a box appear below that states New Software. Click on Install.

  1. Preparing to Install...

  1. Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for ERDAS Imagine 2022. Click Next.

  1. License Agreement: Please select the radio button next to "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and then click Next.

  1. Custom Setup: By default, all of the Additional Features are selected to install.

  1. Ready to Install the Program: Click Install.

  1. Installing ERDAS IMAGINE 2022.

  1. InstallShield Wizard Completed... Click Finish.


  1. After the installation of ERDAS Imagine 2022, the Setup Manager will display. Click on Configure.

  1. ERDAS File Association Manager: The default is for all of the File Associations selected.  Click Apply.


  1.  For IMAGINE ERDAS licensing, choose Concurrent License Server and type in The Port number remains blank. Click Next. Click Finish.




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