How to resolve the "You don't have access to manage apps" error in Adobe CC Desktop

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Once you've purchased an Adobe Creative Cloud license from MSU, you receive the following error message when trying to use Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app to install Adobe CC products:

You don't have access to manage apps
Permission from your IT administrator may be required to enable apps management.



Solution 1: Ensure you're signed in with the correct account

1. Click the user profile image in the top right of the Adobe CC desktop app, then click Sign Out.

2. Sign in to the Adobe CC Desktop app using your email address.

3. IMPORTANT: If prompted, choose Company or School Account.

4. Enter your NetPassword and authenticate with Duo, when prompted.

5. You should be signed in correctly to your MSU Adobe CC account and be able to install apps.


Solution 2 (use only if Solution 1 fails) - Enable the Apps panel:

Note: If the folder in Step 3 or the file in Step 4 doesn't exist on your computer, this solution is not applicable. This solution is used for enabling the Apps panel if it was disabled by an IT administrator during a previous, legacy Adobe CC installation.

1. Click the user profile image in the top right of the Adobe CC desktop app, then click Sign Out.

2. Close out of all Adobe apps completely including any background processes. MacOS users will need to quit the Creative Cloud desktop app by clicking the Creative Cloud icon in the menu bar, then clicking Creative Cloud>Quit Creative Cloud. Windows users will need to click the Creative Cloud icon in the notification area of the taskbar, then click File> Exit Creative Cloud.

3. Navigate to the following folder location depending on your operating system:

macOS: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/Configs/

Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\Configs\

4. Drag/Copy the serviceconfig.xml file to the Desktop (Administrator approval may be required).

5. Open the serviceconfig.xml file from the Desktop using a text editor such as TextEdit (macOS) or Notepad (Windows).

6. Locate the following text <name>AppsPanel</name>. After this text, you should see <visible>false</visible>, change the word "false" to "true". It should now say <visible>true</visible>.

7. Save and close the file with the changes made, then drag/copy it back to the original folder location, replacing the original file (Administrator approval may be required).

8. Restart the computer, open the Adobe CC desktop app again, then follow steps 2-5 from Solution 1 to sign in.





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