Microsoft Bookings

Accessing Microsoft Bookings:

Microsoft Bookings is a Microsoft 365 appointment scheduling application. Bookings allows students and other individuals to schedule appointments with you or your team through a web interface using a preset availability schedule. Additionally, Bookings will provide real-time appointment updates and will automate confirmations and appointment reminders.

Note: Currently, Microsoft Bookings is provided for Employees by default. Microsoft Bookings is available for students upon request.

Personal booking page

A personal booking page (also called “Bookings with me”) is your own personal scheduling page for Microsoft Bookings. It is recommended to use a personal booking page when you only need to schedule bookings against your own Outlook calendar. 

  • ​​To enable your personal booking page, visit
    Note: You can also get started via the Create bookings page menu item in your Calendar on Outlook on the Web. That menu item text will change to Edit bookings page after setup is complete. You may customize and share your personal booking page with others. Meetings scheduled through your personal booking page will integrate directly into your own Outlook calendar.

  • There are three options to share your personal Bookings page.

    • Click Share > Copy Link and paste the link into a Teams chat, webpage, or other document.
    • Click Share > Share via email - This option will send an invitation email to the email address chosen.You have the opportunity to add text to the email that will be sent.
    • You can also add the link to your Bookings page to your signature by clicking Share > Add to email signature.
  • Bookings works with Teams. Bookings can either be in person or via a Teams meeting.
  • Example Uses for Bookings
    • Faculty can provide their availability for office hours and allow students to book appointments.
    • Departments can schedule appointments with internal and external community members for a project or group.
    • A department chair or administrator could create an office hours calendar with slots for multiple faculty members.

Microsoft Documentation  -

Shared booking page

A shared booking page allows multiple individuals to access and manage a shared Microsoft Bookings workspace. It is recommended to use a shared booking page if you are part of a group or business unit that wants multiple individuals available for scheduling meetings within a single page.

  • To create a shared booking page, visit 
    Following the creation of a shared booking page, you may add additional individuals to the booking page, configure roles for additional individuals, customize the shared booking page, and modify a variety of scheduling/availability options.
  • When naming the page, use of reserved departmental names such as "President's Office" or "ITS" cannot be chosen by users. Please use the Request assistance with Microsoft Bookings to open a ticket with the ITS Service Desk to create the booking for you. 

Microsoft Documentation - 

NOTE:  Naming conventions for your bookings - The following depicts the naming convention when creating a booking: [Department Name/unit] - [purpose]. Also keep in mind that Bookings will be viewable in the Global Address Book, so using generic names for listings will be confusing. Booking pages cannot be deleted by a user. Please open a Service Desk Ticket with the name of the Booking Page to be deleted. 



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