How to access the Information Security Training course

  1. Go to Log in with your email address and your NetPassword.
    NOTE: You will also need to authenticate with Duo. 
  2.  Click App Launcher icon (box of dots) in the top left to show all your available apps, then click on InfoSec IQ in the list. 
If you do not see the InfoSec IQ icon, please click your account information in the top right hand corner to verify that you are logged into your account.


  1. This is the menu for InfoSec IQ Training. You will need to click "Start Course" in order to take the training. "Download Completion Certificate" is available after you have successfully completed training. 

  2. Now you will need to take each section of the course, beginning with "Just the Facts: Introduction."


If you have any trouble accessing or completing the training, please submit a Report an issue with Information Security Training ticket or Contact the ITS Service Desk to report the issue.


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