myBanner W-2 Information

myBanner for Employees

MSU employees can access myBanner to perform the following functions:

  • View benefits and deductions including retirement plans, insurance, etc.
  • View pay information.
  • View tax forms including W-4 and W-2
  • View leave balances and history.
  • Retrieve and print employment verification information.
  • Setup direct deposit bank information.

A valid NetID and NetPassword is required to gain access.

View W-2 Tax Forms
  1. Login to using your NetID and NetPassword.

  2. Click Employees.

  3. Click on Employee Information.

  4. Click on Employee Dashboard.

  5. At the bottom of the screen, click Taxes.

  6. Under Taxes, click W-2 Wage and Tax Statement. 

  7. Select the Tax Year. (Employer or Institution should already be selected for Mississippi State Univ.) Then click Display.

  8. The W-2 should now display. 


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