Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is a process to validate transactions for various cryptocurrencies using complex computational math problems. This process is distributed across computers around the world and in many cases involves a reward being paid to the successful miner. Mining is a very resource intensive process and can use significant accounts of electricity and computer resources.

Cryptocurrency mining is a violation of university policy on the Use of Information Technology Resources - OP 01.12. University resources such as network access, electricity, etc., are not to be used for the profit of a user. Also the intensive mining process could adversely impact others on campus.

Cryptocurrency mining could also be a sign of malware infection. An attacker might trick you into installing their mining software unintentionally or a compromised website might install it without your knowledge if your system is not routinely updated.


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Tue 8/24/21 3:20 PM
Thu 8/26/21 9:29 AM