How to forward your VOIP phone from a remote location

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The Cspire Voice site does not use your NetID/NetPassword. To obtain the username/password for your individual MSU telephone line, please open a service request

To forward your VOIP phone to another line, do the following.

1. Log in at .


2. Select Call Forwarding Always on the dashboard.

call forwarding menu

3. Enter the phone number you would like calls to ring at and Save. Phone number needs to be entered as a series of digits without dashes, brackets, or spaces.

Forwarding settings

4. Toggle to activate the call forwarding to the number listed. 

Toggle to activate 

   Toggle again to deactivate call forwarding. Click Call Forwarding Always to update the number the call is being forwarded to.

Toggle to deactivate


If you are forwarding the line from the VoIP set, please follow these steps.


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