Installation of the Umbrella Roaming Client for Mac OS

  1. Go to the Umbrella Roaming Client service page.

  2. Under the Download section, click Installation on a University Owned System.

  3. Click the check box beside I agree to abide by the above terms and conditions. Choose Macintosh from the dropdown. Click Get Software.


  1. Click the click here link to download the Umbrella Roaming Client software.

    Umbrella download link


  1. Choose Save file. Click OK.


  1. Double click on


  1. Double click on the OpenDNS-URC-mac-xxxx folder.


  1. Double click on RoamingClient_MAC_xxxx.pkg file.


  1. Click Continue.


  1. Click Continue.


  1. Click Continue.


  1. Click Agree.


  1. Click Continue.


  1. Click Install.


  1. Enter your Mac user name and password. Click Install Software.


  1. You have successfully installed the Umbrella Roaming Client. Click Close.



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