Installation of SPSS 28 for Mac

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The university has a site license for SPSS that allows it to be installed on any university-owned computers when used for teaching or non-commercial purposes. In addition, student, faculty and staff home use on personal equipment is included at no additional cost.

SPSS installations on university-owned computers for any other purpose, including administrative use require separate licenses to be purchased.

SPSS 28 may be downloaded from the ITS Software Download page or you can request to pick up the media at the ITS Service Desk in 108 Allen Hall.

After requesting a copy of SPSS for download or for media pickup you will see the following information. Please make a note of this code as you will need it during the installation of SPSS 28 to license the software.

Installation Instructions

1. If you picked up a flash drive from the ITS Service Desk, insert the flash drive into your computer and double-click on SS_28.0.0.0_MacOS.pkg

If you downloaded SPSS 28 from the ITS website, extract the files from the zipped folder and double-click on SS_28.0.0.0_MacOS.pkg.

Launch app

2. To begin installation click Continue.

SPSS Installer


3. Click Continue.

License Agreement
4. Click Agree.

Agree to license


5. Click Install.

Install screen


6. Installer needs verification. Use Touch ID or enter your password to allow.

7.  Installing - No action needed from user.


8. Click Close.

Installation Complete
License Installation/Authorization
9. Launch SPSS 28 to license.
Launch SPSS
10. Select Launch License Type.
Activation type
11. License status for SPSS 28. Click Next.

License Status


10. Choose Authorized user license. Click Next.

Product Activation


11. Enter the license code that you were given when you requested SPSS 28. The key is also located on the flash drive in the document SPSS28Campus Code.txt. After entering the license code, click Add. Click Next.

Enter license Code


12.  Internet Authorization Status. If you do not get "Authorization succeeded:" please contact the ITS Service Desk. Click Next.

Activation Status


13.  Licensing is complete. Click Finish.

Licensing Complete


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