Installation of AMOS 28 for Windows

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Installation Instructions for AMOS 28 for Windows

1. Double-click on the application file located in the AMOS 28 Campus Edition named SPSS_Amos_2.0.0.0_Win_ML.


2. Click Yes.


Setup Launcher

Launch Screen

3. Click Next.

Install Shield

4. Select the first option I accept the terms in the agreement. Click Next.

License Agreement

5. Do not change the default destination folder. Click Next.

Destination Folder

6. Click Install.

Ready to install


7. Select to Start IBM SPSS Amos 28 now. Click Finish. The Licensing Wizard no longer auto starts, so you will receive a No valid license found error message. 

Finish Installation

no license found

IBM SPSS AMOS 28 License Authorization Wizard

1. To manually initiate the authorization wizard, click the windows key and look for IBM SPSS Amos 28 License Authorization Wizard. Right click on the program and choose Run as Administrator.

Launch License Authorization Wizard

2. Click Next.

License Status

3.  Click Next.

Product Authorization

4.  Enter the code that you were given when the software was downloaded. Click Next.

Note: Software flash drives have a license file - AMOS28 Code.txt.

Enter Code

5.  AMOS is now licensed.  If you do not see Authorization Succeeded, please call the ITS Service Desk. Click Next.

Authorization Status

6.  Licensing Completed. Click Finish.

Licensing Complete


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