Installation/Activation of SPSS 28 for Windows

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The university has a site license for SPSS that allows it to be installed on any university-owned computers when used for teaching or non-commercial purposes. In addition, student, faculty and staff home use on personal equipment is included at no additional cost.

SPSS installations on university-owned computers for any other purpose, including administrative use require separate licenses to be purchased.

After requesting a copy of SPSS for download or for media pickup you will see the license code. Please make a note of this code as you will need it during for the installation of SPSS to license the software.

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If you are having an issue installing SPSS or activating the license, please open a Service Request so that we can assist you. Feedback should be about the KB (knowledge base) article.

Installation Instructions

1.  If you picked up a flash drive from the ITS Service Desk, insert the flash drive into your computer, navigate to the SPSS 28.0.1 Premium Campus Edition for Windows folder, and double-click


     If you downloaded SPSS 28 from the ITS website, double-click SPSS_StsC_64-bit_28.0.1.1_Win_ML.exe.

Application Folder

Install File

    Click Allow access to make changes to your computer.

2.  SPSS 28 might display a Preparing to Install.... window. No input is needed.

3.  Click Next.

Install shield


4.  Select the I accept the terms in the license agreement option. Click Next.

License Agreement


5. Click Next.

Destination Folder


6. Click Install.

Ready to Install

7. SPSS 28 will begin to install.

Installing IBM SPSS no action needed


8.  Click Finish when the install is complete.

Installation complete


SPSS 28 Activation Instructions

1. If you did not select the option to start the SPSS Statistics 28 Authorization Wizard, you will need to open your Start menu, open the IBM SPSS Statistics folder and click on IBM SPSS Statistics 28 to launch the program.

2.  Select Launch License Wizard.

Select License type

3. Click Next.

License Status

4.  Select the Authorized User License option. Click Next.

Product authorization screen


2. Enter the code that you received when requesting the SPSS 28 license and click Add. (It is also stored in the .txt file titled SPSS28Premium Code.txt on the flash drive.) Click Next.

Enter code

3. After the authorization process completes, click Next.

Authorization status.

4. Your software is now activated. Click Finish.

Licensing complete


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