Campus Card ID Upload

Directions on Uploading - Campus Card ID Photo Upload Video
Photos can be uploaded in myState. Please review the video above for instructions.

Upload Photo Guidelines

  • 2 MB or less.
  • Must use jpeg format.
  • Passport quality.
  • Look straight ahead.
  • Crop image with full head, front view, and eyes open (no side profiles).
  • Solid white background only.
  • Must be in color.
  • Only clear eyeglasses are acceptable (no sunglasses or shaded eyeglasses).
  • No hats, jewelry, or garments of any sort that obstruct the view of your face or the top of your head. Head or face coverings worn daily for religious purposes are accepted.
  • Should include clothing that you normally wear on a daily basis and uniforms should not be worn in your photo, except religious clothing that is worn daily.
  • Must be taken within the past six months.
  • Have someone else take your photo.

Shadows and Lighting: Make sure that there are no bad shadows, face shadows, underexposed lighting, or red eye.


Size and Position: Make sure that your image is not too close or off-centered.


Resolution and Quality: Make sure that the image is not low in resolution, blurry or grainy - It should be clear and crisp.


Attire and Alterations: Do not wear hats or sunglasses.  Do not alter the picture.


Backgrounds and Color: Remember white background colors are the only photos that will be accepted. Please do not upload a photo with any other background color or items. Additionally, the photo needs to be in the original color, no black and white photos or color filters.


The Campus Card Office will notify you via MSU official email ( if your photo is accepted or rejected.  Photo submissions are manually reviewed and can take up to 5 business days to be processed.

Please allow an additional 5 business days to receive your ID card while it is in transit via the US Postal Service to the address you entered when submitting your photo. If you have not received your ID card after 5 business days, please email with the following information: full name, address, NetID, and your submission date.

Your ID card will arrive with a letter from the Campus Card Office and a Guide to IT Services for Students pamphlet: your MSU ID Card will be INSIDE THIS PAMPHLET.

Please note, you must have your ID card with you when you come to campus (move-in day, New Maroon camp, or first day of class).

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